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Le Freeport Singapore Free Vaulting with Stacker Market | Vault your silver and gold in this world class vault.
Le Freeport Singapore

How Does It Work?

Our onboarding team will help you transfer and convert your current Bullion holdings into the Stacker Market trading platform.

Stacker Market is a fantastic way to create instant liquidity for your gold and silver holdings while obtaining free storage for life. Virtually any coin, bar or round can be transferred into Stacker Market and onboarded to the trading platform, via the Asset Transfer Service.

Why Vault with Stacker Market?

Free Storage For Life*

All precious metals are stored in segregated secure vaults in Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich. You’ll never pay a dime on storage fees. 

Terms & Conditions apply.

Monetize with Loans

Use up to 60% LTV of your gold and 50% of your silver holdings for quick access to capital or to buy more physical metal.*

Terms & Conditions apply.

At last, there’s a financial authority that really knows and feels for you. 

Managing your assets is hard when you vault at home or when you vault with other services that ends up complicating and tying your precious metals down with little liquidity.

That’s why we created Stacker Market™ — free storage means more time spent doing the things you love without worrying yearly storage fees, while our low trade fees mean more money in your pocket than anywhere else around town when you do decide to cash out.

There’s no need to strap yourself with heavy silver or gold bars weighing down your chains – trade them instantaneously here so they stay in one of the safest vaults in the world. You can even decide the exact second that’s best for selling when it comes time to fish out some cash instantly. No more waiting around for a broker or middleman!

Free Vaulting / Onboard Your Bullion
Le Freeport Singapore
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Josh Phair Scottsdale Mint Portrait

With free vaulting for life and extremely affordable trades, Stacker Market is the absolutely best place to store your metal long term.

Josh Phair
CEO at Scottsdale Mint

The James Bond of Vaults

Our main vaulting is done through the Singapore Le Freeport and managed by Loomis.

For the world’s most prestigious, valuable artifacts and items of cultural value, there is no better place to house them than secure, ultra-modern facilities like LE FREEPORT in Singapore. The dramatic architecture and slick design offer a luxury experience despite its practicality.

Amenities include integrated vaulting and private storage for art collectors and investors looking for elite security. It also has an extensive range of expert services that take care of every detail from packing, shipping & transporting on time worldwide or organizing exhibitions as desired by its clients; while boosting inventory control with RFID technology.

Vault home to millionaires and billionaires alike, LE FREEPORT is a true safe haven.

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Free Vaulting Forever



on trades

Free Vaulting Forever

0.25% transfer fee peer to peer

$200 credit back in silver for first year